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Stay of Execution

Well the wheels grind on at TechPhob, and everybody runs around like a dog chasing his tail. The IT department has received a stay of execution for now. That will change once the powers that be get their heads out of each other’s asses and try to come up with a decision.

Div man: I’m in charge, but instead of giving direction for this problem, as it is a Division problem, I’m going to defer until that certain project manager returns to the office.

IT group: Huh?

I guess the one good thing about your boss’s bosses being inept is that it really makes big decisions which affect you that much harder to make. They will put off a decision until at least the end of the week. They don’t know what to do with my boss. They have no cause to fire him, so I think they will try to make his life miserable so he will quit and save them the trouble.

They are just – well, stupid, really. It is amazing at how smart people can be so dumb. I can’t say it any plainer. All of these guys have Masters and Doctorates in some environmental science discipline. Yet they can’t see through the bars of their historical methods. They cannot see that just on the other side of their cages lays an easier way – a faster way.

But my boss hit the nail on the head while I was talking to him today. He said they don’t want to have it easier or faster. They bill by the hour, and if they go faster, they get less money.

Stupid TechPhob – and stupid government entities for not knowing any better!

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