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Chapter 7

Well, Chapter 7 is finally done. I wanted it to only take 4 days and it took 7. At this rate, there is no way I will make the September 1 deadline. Chapter 7 was (I thought) the shortest of the remaining chapters for the deadline, and it took 7 days! How do all of these other authors do it?

Does writing just come easier to them than it does to me? I thought I was a decent writer. Not great…I haven’t had an English class in 11 years, but good enough to write a book. I look at other writer’s books, though, and they all seem to be more thorough with their material. I want to discuss the XMLHttpRequest object and I write a couple of paragraphs, other writers write a page and a half.

Do I just not have what it takes to wax eloquently? Maybe not. I don’t have pithy introductions to chapters. No good anecdotes to share.

I just don’t know…

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