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On Getting a New Job…

Oh, have I mentioned that I got a new job? Must have slipped my mind like so many other things in the past few months. So anyway.

I have a new job. Back to the world of the consultant for me, this time with SyllogisTeks. They found me a one year contract at Gateway EDI, right downtown. I get to ride the MetroLink to work again! That is an incredible load off of my mind.

Ever since the stress of my health got to me so much that I could not manage the cacophony of thoughts bursting out of my mind every second and my temper started flaring up worse than I think it ever has that driving in to work became a really Bad Thing TM. Saying that I get road rage would be a bit of an understatement. I honestly thing about running cars off of the road. That is never good.

So not having that stress on top of the rest is such a relief. Plus, I no longer have to work on His code. Let’s party over that. Also, by the end of this week, I will no longer have to refer to my company as TechPhob — though they always will be.

So there it is. I’ll be downtown at Broadway and Washington now; and what is truly hard to believe is that it will be two years (almost to the day) since I last worked downtown. Referring to my last post, where does the time go?

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