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Formatting <script /> elements

August 28, 2007 Leave a comment

When I first started using JavaScript in my Web pages, I would always add the tag like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="somefile.js"></script>

After doing more and more research to improve my skills, I came across an article that said (if I recall this correctly) there was a bug in some browser with the <script> element and to correct it, you should format your <script> elements like this:

<script type="text/javascript" src="somefile.js"> </script>

The space between the opening and closing tags of the element is the only difference between the two code examples. I do not remember if this is necessary or not, but I have been adding my <script> elements like the latter example for years now, and to this day, in fact.

Does anyone know which way is correct? Does it matter? Was there ever a need to put a space between the opening and closing tags?

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Fluidic Muscle

August 24, 2007 Leave a comment

It was recently announced that the German based company FESTO has developed a bionic arm that uses the muscle emulation technology Fluidic Muscle. This technology uses air pushed through a complex valve system to produce precise movements like those found in nature. This type of robotics has vast potential for building robots that are capable of much more complex tasks than today.

Could this aid in the development of better prosthetic limbs in the foreseeable future? I think that it is entirely possible, especially with the advancements in nerve manipulation through inserted chips with today’s prosthetics. See CNN’s article on brain chips for more information, and check out the video on FESTO’s Website to see the fluidic muscle at work.

This is pretty cool technology. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

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August 16, 2007 Leave a comment

For the first time since I have been working on the Web, I have heard the acronym F.A.Q. pronounced differently than I had ever heard it before. For as long as I can remember when talking to anyone about the Internet, and F.A.Q.s in particular, they have always been pronounced one way — and it is the way I think they should be pronounced.

Now, while in a job that does, I must admit, contain both technical and non-technical people in it, there is a discrepancy. At first I just ignored it, but the more I heard it pronounced in a way that I feel is wrong it began to bother me. Once I began a spirited conversation with a coworker over the pronunciation, and it ended in a no-decision. So I decided to look it up.

This is the entry for F.A.Q. in The New Hacker’s Dictionary, Third Edition by Eric S. Raymond (MIT Press, 1996) :

FAQ /F-A-Q/ or /fak/ /n./

[Usenet] 1. A Frequently Asked Question. 2. A compendium of accumulated lore, posted periodically to high-volume newsgroups in an attempt to forestall such questions. Some people prefer the term `FAQ list’ or `FAQL’ /fa’kl/, reserving `FAQ’ for sense 1.

Not a very definitive answer, as it gives two pronunciations for the acronym. Of course, this was last edited in 1996, so culture may have changed this choice by now. I continued to search and came upon this post by Eric Raymond from a USENET thread entitled Pronunciation of “FAQ”, where he wrote:

Both pronunciations are common. I believe the /F-A-Q/ pronunciation used
to predominate, and is still more common outside Internet, but has been
gradually losing ground to /fak/, which is now slightly more common on
Internet itself.

I personally feel that the trend continued as he stated here, and that a F.A.Q. should be pronounced /fak/. But this is my opinion, and what do I really know anyway?

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