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ALA said WHAT?!?!

I am nearly rendered speechless by what I have just read in the latest A List Apart (Issue 251). Where did all of our common sense go? Moreover, who is paying these people anyway?

I used to view ALA as the place to go for the latest in Web culture and philosophy, and was honored when they accepted my proposal for an article, which was subsequently published in Issue 234. ALA has always had the forward thinking developers, designers, experts, etc. writing for them, and this has (I believe) given them great clout in the community. Then I read this issue…

I am struck with the sudden horror that ALA may actually be in bed with the Web-destroying behemoth itself. How is this possible? Instead of pushing developers to begin writing standards-compliant code (something I, and many other developers and writers are strong advocates for), we are instead supposed to bow to whatever fetid fancies the great and mighty Microsoft comes up with? Are they serious?

What happened to getting the browser-companies to comply with standards? Why should we, the developers, be the ones who must bend over backwards in order for our code to work — especially when our code is compliant code?

The Web is shaping up to be a Web I do not want to be a part of. The Web was innovation and art, a place where we could all come together and make a better world through technology — away from the monolithic companies that have tried to control every aspect of technology for far too many years. Now, these companies have apparently taken control of groups (or maybe just individuals — time will tell here), and with them the direction for the future of the Web.

I have always had great admiration for Eric Meyer, and I cannot believe what I have read in his article.

Let me just end by saying: STANDARDS, STANDARDS, STANDARDS!

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