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Facebook myFarm Farming Guide

I know this information has been posted in other places, but it is not necessarily easy to find all of this information in one place with a Google search.  The myFarm application on Facebook is an addictive little app, and this little guide should help others who are looking to make the most of their farming experience.

First, I want to discuss crops, which is a hot debate topic amongst the players of myFarm.  The following tables shows the available crops, and the prices associated with them.

Crop Seed Cost Prod. Sell Price Per Plow Cost Harvest Days Gross Sell Price Net Sell Price Net Price For 1 Harvest Day
Strawberries $33.00 190 $0.52 $20.00 1 $98.80 $98.00 $98.00
Tomatoes $133.00 165 $1.23 $20.00 1 $202.95 $201.00 $201.00
Rice $37.00 290 $0.45 $20.00 2 $130.50 $129.00 $64.50
Corn $127.00 185 $1.27 $20.00 2 $234.95 $233.00 $116.50
Wheat $81.00 240 $0.84 $20.00 3 $201.60 $200.00 $66.67
Potatoes $144.00 220 $1.31 $20.00 3 $288.20 $285.00 $95.00

The table indicates that for single day harvest investment potential, tomatoes are the way to go.  I like to plant as many tomatoes as possible, with strawberries for the remainder, if I know I will be able to check my crops daily.  In the event (such as a weekend) that I cannot check my crops each day, I plant based on harvest time according to Net price.  Simple as that.

Crops are not the real money makers of myFarm, however.  Making money is best accomplished by getting gifts of trees and animals from friends.  This way, there is no upfront costs for your potential harvest/sale.

You will not make money from buying and selling animals on your own; there is no profit in it.  There will be potential down the road for what animals can produce, but for now, sell only what you are given as a gift, or hold on to your animals for future myFarm game developments.  The same goes for cutting down trees — it is much better to harvest trees than cut them down, especially since there is no indication that trees will die any time soon.

The following table lists the costs associated with plants, which should give you an idea of what profits you can make from them. Remember, it takes a planted tree six days to grow to fruit, and then the tree will fruit every three days after this.

Plant Cost to Buy Harvest Price Cutting Price
Apple Tree $500.00 $58.00 $175.00
Banana Tree $550.00 $69.00 $206.00
Cherry Tree $800.00 $84.00 $253.00
Christmas Tree* n/a $220.00 $660.00
Coconut Tree $1,100.00 $88.00 $263.00
Mango Tree $900.00 $77.00 $232.00
Orange Tree $500.00 $74.00 $223.00
Peach Tree $700.00 $82.00 $246.00
Pear Tree $500.00 $68.00 $203.00
Plum Tree $650.00 $86.00 $258.00

* Christmas trees are only obtained through gifts from The King

This final table lists the costs associated with animals, which also should give you an idea of what profits you can make from them.

Animal Cost to Buy Prod. Price Selling Price
Chicken, White $1,200.00 none $29.00
Chicken, Barred Rock $1,400.00 none $143.00
Chicken, Rhode Island $1,300.00 none $143.00
Cow $550.00 none $114.00
Goat $600.00 none $64.00
Horse, Black $1,000.00 none $100.00
Horse, Brown $500.00 none $71.00
Horse, Gray $500.00 none $71.00

You can imagine the potential for some of the livestock (chickens lay eggs, cows and goats produce milk), so it might be a good idea to hold onto your animals at this time. After all, we’ve been told selling eggs through the chicken coop is around the corner.

Enjoy myFarm…I know I do.

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