This is the blog of Anthony T. Holdener III.

I began programming at the age eight on my parents’ IBM PCjr and have been hooked on computers ever since. In 1997, I helped to open and operate an Internet cafe (Cyber-Safari Internet Cafe) in Fairview Heights, Illinois, where I served as the systems administrator. Since graduating from Saint Louis University with a degree in Computer Science, I have worked as a web architect, developer, analyst, IT manager, and author for nearly 15 years for a number of companies and agencies in the Saint Louis, Missouri area, including Anheuser-Busch, SAIC, Gateway EDI, Korein Tillery, and  Saint Clair County, Illinois. I currently build GIS Web applications for VSolvit (contracting at the USDA-RD). I have also dabbled in adjunct teaching at Southwestern Illinois College (I taught “Advanced Graphics and Animation” and “Web Site Development”), plus I am currently on college’s Electronic Publishing/Graphic Communications/Web Designer/Web Development & Administration Advisory Committee. In addition, I have authored two books for O’Reilly Media, Ajax: The Definitive Guide and HTML5 Geolocation.

I reside in the village of Shiloh, Illinois, a suburb of Saint Louis, with my wife and twins. When I am not working away on my computer I enjoy reading a good book (preferably something in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre), coaching my kids’ soccer teams (as I had to “retire” from playing after my career-ending knee injury at the age of 34), tending to my garden, yard, and trees, but most importantly spending time with my family.

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