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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Trailer

July 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I admit that I am a pretty big Harry Potter fan – I watch all of the movies with my kids whenever I can (and even without them), I have read all of the books multiple times, and I listen to the audio version of the books (the Jim Dale version) once a year to prepare for the then new book releases and the new movie releases. I’ve even found myself caught up in a fanfic or two and had a ship preference. That being said, it should be no small wonder that I have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise, especially after Order of the Phoenix, which I thought was cinematically far superior to its predecessors.

When I found out that the trailer for Half-Blood Prince was to be released on AOL at 9 PM EST, I of course had to download and view it like a proper Potter-maniac. My standards has fallen somewhat, though, as I did not view the trailer until an hour and a half after it was released – having four year old twins may have something to do with that, to be sure.

What did I think?

It left me yearning for more, and thinking that 114 days is still a long, long way away. I even jokingly told my wife that we better start arranging for a sitter so we could see the midnight showing. She laughed at me, but whole-heartedly agreed that we would be going to the midnight showing. The trailer focuses mainly on Dumbledore’s first meeting with the boy Tom Riddle, and seems to follow closely what I remember reading more than once. From what I saw, the only complaint I have is that the actor who plays the young Voldemort, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin, does not come off quite haughty enough – the way I read HBP, Tom as a boy was haughty, mean, and eager to learn everything once it was confirmed he could do magic. I did not get that from Hero, but of course, it was a brief clip in a trailer.

Other than that, I cannot wait until more trailers are released, and of course, the movie itself, which I will assuredly be in line for the first showing.