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Where Does the Time Go?

September 25, 2006 Leave a comment

I cannot believe I haven’t written anything on here since August 23rd. Has it really been that long? Time has a funny way of getting away from you when you don’t pay attention to it. That and a vacation in the middle of the month will make time fly by.

The vacation was most welcome, and such a good time. I admit I wasn’t really sure how much rest I could honestly get taking the kids to Disney World again this year. Last year we had plenty of extra hands; this year it was just Sarah, Tim, and me. And you know what; I think we all had a terrific time!

Not only was it a great time, but except for wanting to get on the Internet and check my email constantly, I didn’t think about work once until the flight back home. That is what I call a vacation!

Now I’ve been back in the really world for two week already and I am wondering how did that happen? I know that time is supposed to move faster as you get older, but come on — I’m not that old.

I guess I need to put my ear to the pavement and listen a little more carefully, or before I know it, the New Year will arrive.

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